LensesWhen it comes to picking out your lenses, you can trust us to help you choose the right glasses for you. When you visit an optician, you may uncover a whole lot of terminologies that can be utterly confusing. We’ve got a wealth of knowledge on different types of lenses, vision types, and lens materials.

We offer the finest lens technology and comprehensive ophthalmic lenses that would certainly meet your vision needs.

Lens Materials
Lenses can either be made of plastic or glasses. Plastic lenses have considerably replaced glass lenses as they are cheaper and have high impact resistance. The lenses that we administer and offer can either be made of glass or plastic based on the prescription given by our eye care providers.

Here is an overview of common lens options that we offer:

1. Single-vision lenses
This type of lens is used to correct a single distance. The prescription is uniform throughout the entire lens. Single vision lenses are appropriate for an individual with stronger prescriptions.

2. Multifocal lenses
Multifocal lenses have two or multiple lens powers. We can administer and offer you a multifocal lens so that you can be in a position to see objects at varying distances. A prescription is given when you lose the natural ability to change your eye focus.

There are different types of multifocal lenses that include:
· Bifocals – Has two lens powers. The upper lens is designed for far distances while the lower lens is designed for near vision. It has a distinctive line that separates the two lenses.
· Trifocals – It has two clear lines that separate three lenses that have different lens powers. The upper lens is designed for far distance, middle for intermediate distances,and the lower lens designed for near vision.
· Progressive power lens – They are considered as true multifocal lenses. They are lineless with seamless progression of lens power. Wearers can shift their eyes upward to see far, straight ahead for objects not so far, and down to see closer objects.

3. Sun wear and photochromic lenses
They are clear indoors but gradually darken in the sun as a result of a reaction to the UV rays. The lenses protect your eyes from UV rays.
Besides, they provide you with clear vision as they come with different lens powers.

4. Polarized lenses
These lenses are fitted with special filters that reduce glare. They are categorically good to wear when driving, fishing, or skiing.

5. Computer lenses
They are designed to give a large field of view thus relaxing the amount of accommodation necessary to keep objects or items in focus.

6. Eyezen lenses
These are lenses designed to reduce the amount of strain in your eyes when viewing digital devices. They have special filters that selectively filter harmful blue light rays thus protecting your eyes. Eyezen are types of digital lenses designed to provide high precision when it comes to focusing on an image.

Antiglare treatments

Other than the power of a lens, we also offer different types of lenses with an antireflective coating so as to spare you from eye fatigue through the reduction of glare. Some of the antiglare treatments that we have include standard AR, premium AR, and Ultra AR.